and Prevention
We’re focused on promoting, protecting and maintaining your employees’ health and well-being.
Everybody wins when your employees are healthy, and PDRMA is committed to helping our Health Program participants focus on taking care of themselves and improving their well-being. We start by including no cost annual preventive exams and Employee Assistance Program support for our PPO and HMO participants and, for PPO participants, add the convenience of access to online medical visits with board certified doctors and online consultations with licensed therapists.
We also know that workplace wellness programs can increase employee productivity, improve morale and control health care costs so our team of wellness experts is here to get your employees and their dependents motivated toward making better health choices. Our premier wellness and prevention program, Positive Activities Toward Health (PATH), ensures every participant can create a personalized plan for achieving and maintaining their wellbeing. From an online wellness portal to track progress, to year-round activities and team challenges, we keep employees and their dependents engaged and motivated.
Preventive Exams
at no cost to PPO and HMO participants.
online medical and therapy visits for PPO participants.
PATH Online Portal
allows participants to take health assessments, link a variety of fitness trackers and meet with a health coach for personalized guidance.
Biometric Screening
included annually at no additional cost so participants can track their progress toward better health.
Earn Points
for participating in activities and managing wellness that can be converted to cash each quarter.
Ideas Rewarded
Health Program members are encouraged to submit their ideas for new and innovative wellness initiatives for a chance to win a grant up to $1,000.
Employee Assistance Program
providing confidential support and resources to help participants through stressful times.
Educational Opportunities
offered throughout the year including eLearning courses and webinars featuring guest speakers from the wellness community.
Hayley Flott, MS
Wellness Consultant

Hayley Flott, MS

Hayley has a master’s degree..... in applied nutrition, health promotion and disease prevention along with a strong background in educating, guiding and supporting people in achieving their wellness goals. She helps members develop their agency wellness culture and coordinates PDRMA’s Positive Activities Toward Health (PATH) online wellness program for members and partners.

Members may participate in one or both coverage programs but participating in both offers you the best value since you to save 5% on your Property/Casualty annual contribution!