New Property/Casualty Program members have saved an average of 35 percent over the commercial market while getting broader coverage, higher limits and more services that even boutique providers can’t match.
Unlike with other insurance providers, all our members receive this comprehensive package of specialty property/casualty coverage at one low rate, and all with minimal deductibles. In fact, many have no deductible at all!
General Liability
including employment practices, employment benefits and public officials' errors and omissions.
Vehicle Liability
including bodily injury coverage.
Property Loss and Damage
including vandalism.
Cyber Liability
from ransomware attacks and data breaches, including coverage for privacy notification costs, data protection and business interruption.
Boiler and Machinery
breakdown including communication and computer equipment.
Workers’ Compensation
including employer’s liability.
Outbreak Expense
including business interruption coverage when a facility is closed by a health official.
Business Interruption
from property loss/damage, cybersecurity incidents, equipment breakdown and outbreak incidents.
Pollution Liability
and property damage, including from leaking underground storage tanks.
Deadly Weapons Response
covering expenses incurred from a deadly weapon incident, including property damage, crisis management and medical expenses.
including forgery, robbery and employee theft of money.
Volunteer Medical Accident
covering volunteers injured in the course of volunteer duties.
See for yourself how switching to PDRMA is the best choice for your agency by downloading our complete list of property/casualty coverage and comparing it to what you have now.
We also include administrative services for managing unemployment compensation claims and provide coverage for special events including general liability, host liquor liability and statutory liquor liability. We’ll even help your community groups obtain necessary coverage when using your facilities and when providing joint programs and services with your agency.
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Members may participate in one or both coverage programs but participating in both offers you the best value since you to save 5% on your Property/Casualty annual contribution!