When you partner with PDRMA, you get a collaborative approach to coverage so you’ll be assured your employees, assets and community are protected.
More Coverage
We offer more coverage than you’ll find elsewhere, and thanks to the power of pooling, you’ll enjoy significantly lower cost than the commercial insurance market so you’ll protect your budget, too.
Stable, Predictable Rates
Frustrated with skyrocketing insurance rates? Our property/casualty rate has minimally increased in the last 20-years, and our annual health PPO rate has increased an average of only 3.2% over the past five years. The predictability of our stable rates is just one reason why more than 90 percent of our members recommend joining PDRMA.
And since we’re member controlled, new coverages are added as members need them.
Download the
to learn more
Download the
to learn more
Members may participate in one or both coverage programs but participating in both offers you the best value since you to save 5% on your Property/Casualty annual contribution!